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"Sharks are too valuable to be caught just once."

- Sportfishing Club of the British Isles

Spurwatch UK has developed a handling guide to help anglers ensure their catch can be caught again. While we are not officially affiliated with other groups or organisations, we recommend following the links below if you'd like more in-depth advice about handling, tackle choices, and what to do in entanglement situations. 

Please feel free to share or print this guide. If it's been useful to you, please let us know @SpurwatchUK. You can also download the guide for free here.

Other useful links:

Avoiding Deep Hooking: Liam Gunn shares his top tackle tips for targetting spurdog

​Shark Angling Club of Great Britain Best Practice Document

Sportfishing Club of the British Isles Best Practice Guide on Fishing for Sharks

Shark Handling for Anglers Seminar with Dr. Simon Thomas hosted by the Angling Trust

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