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Citizen Science

Over 1,000 individuals recorded 

Record spurdog sightings, find out more about the project, and learn about spurdog biology and conservation


Fishermen at Sunset
JL02_Spurdog shark (Squalus acanthias)_Falls of Lora_01-08-21_edited_edited.jpg

1. Record spurdog recovery in the Northeast Atlantic

Commercial spurdog landings have been restricted to zero since 2010. We need more information about where and how spurdog are making a recovery in the UK.

2. Work with recreational Anglers 

Spurwatch UK wants to work with anglers. The project centres around angler engagement in data collection.  Recreational fishing is an invaluable tool for understanding spurdog recovery in the UK. We also aim to promote safe and responsible handling practices.

3. Raise awareness for spurdog conservation and biology

We think spurdog are an amazing but underappreciated species. We hope to engage with schools, fishermen, and the general public to promote this species and its conservation story.


A huge thank you to our Crowdfunder supporters who made this project possible:

Helen Bull, Bryony Pearton, Melvin Baynham, Guy Heath, Amanda Burton, Ian Harvey, Jon Bunker, Janessa Gudd, Alicia Fuller, Curtis Daniel England, Jane Carroll, Michael Whelan, Luke Thomas, Ashley Clarke, Stephen Crockford, and Trude Falch Vik

Thank you to James Lynott (, and Mark Kirkland ( for providing spurdog photos taken underwater in the UK! Go and show them some love!

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