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Our first Youth Ambassador: Freddie Hoare shows us you can be a responsible angler at any age!

Earlier this week we recruited our first angler ambassador, which caught the eye of a young spurdog angler and Spurwatch recorder, Freddie Hoare. Freddie has recorded his catch with us from his family fishing trips in Devon, an area we have very limited records from. Freddie's records are therefore very important to the project because they offer insight into spurdog recovery in an area no other sampling is taking place.

As a young person, Freddie is already setting a brilliant example to other anglers of all ages by handling his catch safely and using tackle that minimises the chance of deep hooking situations. We want to celebrate Freddie's passion for fishing responsibly by adding him to our ambassador programme. Welcome Freddie, we are so pleased to have you on board! We recently spoke to him to find out more about his interest in spurdog. You can read the interview below:

Where do you fish?

I mainly fish around the Salcombe area. This area has a lot of spurdog.

When and why did you start fishing for spurdog?

Since this year I have really enjoyed catching and releasing spurdog and they put a good fight on a fishing rod which is always quite exciting.

What made you decide to record your catch with Spurwatch?

The reason I wanted to work with Spurwatch UK is because I think maintaining these crucial species and understanding where they are coming from is so important in helping us learn more about nature. Partnering with Spurwatch UK will benefit me and the sharks I am catching.

What are your goals as a shark fisherman? e.g. do you like to tick off species, chase big catch, or simply enjoy the encounters with wildlife?

As a shark fisherman, I am always looking for that number 1 fish.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

The gear I used to catch spurdog is a wire trace with a sliding boom. Depending on the tide I will use a 10-ounce weight and have a circle hook so the fish doesn't swallow the hook. We normally catch spurdog with a bit of fresh mackerel.

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